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780 Ti 1080p Performance Evaluation

780 Ti 1080p Performance Evaluation

780 ti 1080p performance evaluation


780 Ti 1080p Performance Evaluation >>





















































Radeon R9 290 vs. hold tight! Follow eurogamer Home Reviews PC Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti review The new performance king - with a price to match. Click to enlarge The GTX 780 Ti is the fastest single GPU in BioShock Infinite too, again beating both the GTX Titan and R9 290X. It also generates real-time in game video that gives the user an accurate reading of the cards capability. Next to that we'll perform FCAT tests to see where AMD is in Autumn anno 2013 in terms of micro-stuttering and frame pacing. At high resolutions with 4xAA the 7990 is only on average 13% faster then stock 780ti. NVIDIA GTX 780Ti Review Benchmarks and Teardown.


Several cards also fare really well at 2560x1440, too. Because you are not buying a GPU to play the games that are already released. the 780ti - no, but it IS still the KING of GPUs.Yes you could SLI 2x 780ti and will pass the 7990 in terms of performances but it'll cost you about 300-400$ because amd gpu's microstutter to an insane degree ShadowDeathXMember Since: December 8, 2006Posts: 11427ShadowDeathXFollowForum Posts: 11427Followed by: 0Reviews: 4 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#16 Posted by ShadowDeathX (11427 posts) - 2 years, 11 months agoJigglyWiggly said:PredatorRules said: 560ti said: 780TI classfield is faster than the GTX 690/7990 out of the boxWHAT?! the KING is still the 7990 as far as I know, does it better in terms of price/performance vs. We have 4x MSAA enabled by default on Battlefield 4 to really push this bandwidth too, and the end result in this case is no greater than before. GeForce GTX 780 Ti is 8% faster than the press-sampled R9 290X, which holds on to its clock rate most reliably. You will notice great performance increases with 2-way SLI, truthfullywith so much horsepower, it's a hard thing to accomplish if you do not have the right PC. the 780ti - no, but it IS still the KING of GPUs.Yes you could SLI 2x 780ti and will pass the 7990 in terms of performances but it'll cost you about 300-400$ more.780Ti classified is faster out of the box than the 690 and 7990.Here's one of the many reviews that proves it really be a shocker. Driving a car in pursuit of a nemesis chopper plays the results out best; the 780 Ti taking lead at 50fps, the cheaper R9 290 at 45fps, and the 290X edition falling between the two. Crysis 3 actually gives the GTX Titan the upper hand in our benchmark, although only by a tiny margin.


Our retail board drops to lower frequencies in the lab, allowing 780 Ti to beat it by 29%. Specifications. Combine all of that with technologies like PhysX and TXAA and it's clear that an investment in the Nvidia ecosystem can make a difference beyond performance. For our settings, we set everything to Ultra with 4x MSAA enabled and set the resolution to 3840x2160p. We chose to use Bioshock Infinite to test the video card due to its magnificient visual qualities and the fact that it is one of the most popluar PC games out at the moment. GTX 780 and Titan were both based on Nvidia's GK110 chip, but each was pared back in its own ways. MARS 760 is waaay overpriced!I doubt you have better cooling than MARS so your OC isn't as extreme.Post your benchmark.EDIT: but basically you're right it should pass 1 GTX780 performance, although you'll need some good case with two intake and 3 exhaust fans, the MOBO becomes more pricy because of the SLI capablethat's 70$ for AM3+ and 110$ for LGA1150I do have 2 intake fans and 2 exhaust fans (push, pull).


But seriously 70% of games don't need anything stronger than a GTX 660/260X but the 30% that do oh my its worth it for the visual experience alone even if the game is mediocre in terms of game play.Could you imagine what the next Elder Scrolls or Fallout game will look like on its highest settings?. Alternative analysis:Crysis 3: GTX 780 Ti - 1080p vs. Furthermore, in SLI the GTX 780Ti had an average of 87.8 fps with the R9 290X in Crossfire getting an average of 76.2 fps. R9 290XCrysis 3 1080p: GTX 780 Ti vs. Crysis 3 is still one of the most demanding games currently out on the market.

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